“I believe that good design is also efficient design”

It’s incredibly rewarding to see how something you’ve helped create can dramatically improve and extend people’s lives.

I particularly enjoy aged care and health care projects due to the scale, complexity and multi-discipline process of design. And because I’m truly making a positive impact on people’s lives.

You’re involved in a process to provide a product where people receive tangible benefits – and those benefits flow-on to the wider community.

One particular project really showed me the impact my work makes. It was the design of a community-based renal dialysis unit. At the opening of the facility, I had many patients expressing immense and emotional gratitude towards the completed project, thanking me and the team for an extremely successful result. Providing them with a well-designed environment had transformed a big part of the way they spent their lives.

I’ve always had a passion for creating through building and construction. As a child, it started with simple models, which became more and more complex as I grew. I relished the construction challenge, and experimenting with different materials and function.

I believe that good design is also efficient design. Buildings need to be high-performing, have endurance and, wherever practically possible, incorporate good sustainable practices. I’m a Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP), so that is a particular interest of mine.

The perfect time-out for me is heading out on the water with my family. My wife and I are keen boaties and my toddler enjoys it too, so it’s a love inherited by the next generation of our family.