The successful roll out of Lion – Beer, Spirits, Wine Ltd’s Five Stags concept bar brand has created a new avenue to increase market share.





Whitford & Rangiora, New Zealand


Hospitality . Interiors

Ignite was commissioned by Lion – Beer, Spirits, Wine Ltd to roll out a new concept bar brand ‘Five Stags’ for locations in Whitford and Rangiora.    


Based on a hunting lodge theme, the Five Stags brand captures the rustic values of rural New Zealand and our historic hunting culture. Typically, Five Stags bars are located on the outskirts of cities in more remote locations and provide a down-to-earth, family-friendly destination for social Kiwis.

A signature feature of all Five Stags sites is the ‘Hunter’s Cabin’, which is styled as a traditional hunter’s cabin and furnished with a pot belly stove, camping memorabilia and lantern light fittings.   It functions as a semi-private dining room or meeting room for 6-8 patrons.

The extensive use of reclaimed, distressed timber throughout each location adds to the rustic feel of the interiors, while leather sofas and family-friendly booth seating create a comfortable environment.

Each site’s design features a range of artwork and vintage New Zealand posters that respond to our heritage, offering credit to great explorers and showcasing unspoilt regions of our country. Part of the displayed art relates specifically to the site and its immediate surroundings.


The Whitford Five Stags transformed an old colonial building that had previously been used as a bank, post office, brothel, general store and, most recently, a local pub. The new space is a destination venue that serves hearty food to everyday folk.

The renovation has largely retained the building’s exterior character, while the interior has been transformed to a more open plan feel. The feature bar sits centrally within the space, with bar seating and the Hunter’s Cabin off to the left, and the lounge and family-friendly dining room to the right. The original bank vault has been re-purposed as a wine cellar and features in the dining room.

Rustic cabinetry features local newspaper clippings dating back to the 1940’s, which were discovered on site during the construction phase. Locals love seeing a feature from the building’s former life incorporated into its new identity.

Lower ceilings and traditional New Zealand architectural mouldings and trims create a warm, characterful residential feel through the interior. Outside a wrap-around veranda has seating and features a double-sided fireplace.


The Rangiora Five Stags is the corner site of a new greenfields retail development that was built after the Canterbury earthquakes.

The corner entrance hides a vast interior and rear courtyard. Inside, high ceilings are dressed with rustic timber and large trusses to add character to the newly constructed interior. Large faux antler chandeliers and suspended industrial lighting help to create a number of distinct zones within the open spaces.

Inside, the decor matches the venue's focus - game, hunting and rustic camping memorabilia. An oversized stone fireplace, clad in locally sourced basalt is the focal point of the bar, which is completed with leather couches.

A forest feel has been created by incorporating a life size pre-cast mould of a tree trunk, located in key areas within the space and given a paint technique finish that is easily mistaken for a real life tree.