“Working at the front-end of our retail and commercial projects is my passion.”
JOSE CORDERO ASSOCIATE josec@ignitearchitects.com

When I’m exploring a client brief, I always start with the 'Big Why’.

Working at the front-end of our retail and commercial projects is my passion. I always start by exploring what I call the 'Big Why’. This means first looking at 'purpose', then 'process', and finally 'product'. It's something that Apple does well, which addresses the 'why', 'how' and 'what' of a brief effectively.

The team-based environment at Ignite helps me produce well. I enjoy sharing ideas with like-minded creative people, and the sense of embarking on an adventure when we start a project.  

I’m always asking my team: 'Is this the best solution?’. That’s how we can ensure we’ve explored every avenue before we present a recommendation to the client. I think it’s important for designers to start with a clear mind and to challenge their thought processes constantly. 

It’s really satisfying when you visit a building you designed years ago and see the layout is still being used. I’ve seen that on a number of the hotel projects I was involved with in Auckland in the past. Because the space planning was good to begin with, the original layout is still in use, even though the hotel operator may have changed.  

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in the Philippines, the Middle East and throughout Asia. I also had my own practice in New Zealand before joining Ignite. What I love about working here is that it’s a particularly design-focussed practice. The environment we work in and the people we work with are highly engaging, and that stimulates fresh ideas.   

What makes me tick? My wife, Monica and daughter, Veronica. Both are truly amazing women who inspire me.