“I’m from a creative family. Growing up, I loved building things with Lego, painting and drawing.”
NICOLE DELAHUNTY ASSOCIATE nicoled@ignitearchitects.com

I think design has been in my blood from the beginning.

I’m from a creative family. Growing up, I loved building things with Lego, painting and drawing. When I was about 10 I had to prepare a speech about what I wanted to be when I grew up – it was at that point that I decided I wanted to be an interior designer.  

Over the course of my career, I’ve designed for hospitality, retail and high-end residential projects. I’ve also done a fair bit of commercial office fit-out work, which has been a great way to refine my spatial planning skills – every square metre costs the client!

The creative part at the start of every project is really fun, but I love that my role is so varied. I could be doing spatial planning in the morning, sourcing finishes and furniture in the middle of the day and dealing with contractors and sub-contractors on site in the afternoon. The next day I might be working through project budgets, creating programmes or liaising with clients. No two days are the same.    

My style is urban, laid back and liveable. I get my inspiration from a really wide variety of sources – interior and architectural design is just one part. I also look at fashion sites, because you see some amazing textile patterns and colours that are inspiring, and show you how other creatives see upcoming trends.  

My favourite place in the world is my home town, Cape Town. I especially love being on top of Table Mountain. When you’re up there you have the most incredible 360 degree views of the city and its rugged coastline. You are close enough to see some of the activity below, but the open expanse and the quietness of the setting makes you pause and take a breath. Being up there reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment.

I love spending time at home and in the garden - my happy place. Built in the 1930s, our house is a tranquil space and a labour of love. My husband, Jason is a keen DIY-er and I’ve become his unofficial apprentice. We’ve created a place that we both love coming home to, with decor elements that can be changed out easily to keep the interior feeling fresh. Both Jay and I are in creative industries so we tend to want to update the look quite often!