Designing one of the largest resorts in the South Pacific, for one of the world’s biggest hotel companies is not a project for the faint of heart.



Due 2007


Denarau Island, Fiji


Hotels & Resorts

As the first foray into Fiji for this international hotel group, it was imperative that Radisson Blu Denarau Island deliver a show-stopping holiday experience worthy of the Radisson name. Taking up the challenge, Ignite set about designing a property that would deliver a once in a lifetime experience for guests, and the best possible occupancy rates for the client.


With more than 900 premium properties around the globe, Radisson is a company that is clear in its mission. Any new addition to the portfolio needed to strengthen its brand by offering strategic location, innovative design and exceptional facilities and services.

Radisson Blu sits on 10 acres and boasts 270 rooms, a series of pools and recreation spaces, a spa, conference centre and multiple restaurants. The design brief required a blend of local architecture and traditions, luxurious modern comfort and best use of the all-important ocean views. 


Despite its size, the property has limited beach frontage, which created a challenge for the design of the guest rooms.

Ignite’s solution was to design the resort in a horseshoe shape, setting the apartments on an angle to give each balcony a diagonal view across the gardens or pool, to the sea. Creating a hotel complex where each balcony offers privacy as well as views enabled Radisson to position itself well against competitor offerings. 


To stay in touch with local culture and landscapes, the design is sympathetic to its surroundings and draws inspiration from Fijian materials, colours and patterns. The injection of Radisson’s five-star aesthetic adds a contemporary twist.

The roofline of the beach restaurant reflects a traditional Fijian house, yet features a series of interlocking forms rather than the expected gabled treatment. The floating timber shingle roofs, set at varying heights, create a silhouette sympathetic to the natural environment. Buildings do not appear out of place amongst the palm trees and pristine beach.

Radisson wanted to create extensive outdoor recreation and relaxation spaces catering to both family and romantic getaways. Designing a series of lagoon pools in the centre of the property, Ignite created a space that offers waterslides, private pools and tranquil, tropical gardens. The result allows guests to find a place amongst the gardens that best suits their needs.


Central to the guest experience for any hotel is the guest room. As well as offering every level of comfort and functionality, the rooms also had to offer the best occupancy opportunities for the owner. Apartments were designed to seamlessly provide for a lock-off suite, meaning the owner can potentially double their return by booking out both rooms.